Myofascia Release and Massage Therapy

Known as Cupping Therapy. A double and Smooth way to release toxins and sore muscles,

The Myofascia Release (or Cupping) will help releasing the tension on your body, cleaning and detoxing, combined with Massage Therapy, releasing those painful spots, such as a full treatment. We do not do a full body Massage, this is medical and specific Therapy, Refer to Swedish Massage.



Deep Tissue Medical Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

As the old type Massage Therapy, using only the hands, working on the underlayers of the muscles, with firm to hard pressure to release the painful spots and help with conditions such as Rolled shoulders, Chronic bad posture, recovering from strains. This is not a full body Massage this is Medical and specific Therapy, refer to Swedish Relaxation Massage for full body.



Available in Sessions of 30min, 45min, 60min, 75min, 90min.


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